I am my guide self program

I Am My Guide Self program can benefit everyone, including practitioners, healers and medical community. It Includes 4 modules of training, in depth understanding and connection to your guide-self, take home manual and hands on training and practice.

I am my guide is based on the principle that you can transmute cause, core, effect, and memory of any feeling, thoughts,  words, actions that you were expressing until now that has caused imbalances in your emotional, mental and physical body, and start fresh rooted in your I am presence, your guide spirit.

Every time a thought comes into your mind you choose to keep it if it is beneficial to you or to intercept it before your brain processes the information. You want to maintain constant flow of positive thoughts in order to feel rooted in your guide self.

The program explores techniques that you can use everyday on yourself and loved ones.

You will learn in depth strategies to create spiritual connections through explorations of your physical, emotional, spiritual/energetic and mental body.

Module 1- physical, energetic guide self- weekend

Module 1- physical, energetic guide self- weekend

Recognize body sensation and breathing patterns related to it

Explore the concept of pain as body's mechanism of healing

Energetic systems, to understand  how your body is fully connected with energy. Specific energetic points to initiate energy flow- (CV17, LU1,TH17, GB21,GB20, BL23-25, SP10 ST 34, KD1.) chest, head, lower back, knees, bottom of feet.

Learn about the healing energy of food and plant medicine

Module 2 -Mental guide self- weekend

Explore rhythm and creative movement to tune into your guide self

Learn Biosync rhythms and movement to shift your state of consciousness, and calm the mind. It uses movement with the right and left side of body to create new pathways of thoughts in the brain and good sensation in the physical body.

The patterns of uncoordinated movements help to change the negative thoughts and enhance the mind. Create a pattern in your brain that will release the mental body and increase your senses

In this module you will create a pattern of movement that will help to clear your mind in moments of struggles. The movement will activate the brain to pause negative thoughts and increase the energy in the body.

You will learn how to coordinate the left and right side of the body by using synchronized movements and rhythms as well as tapping acupressure points and meditation exercises. You will activate your mental guide self to create new pathways of positive thoughts in your mind and heart.

Module-3- Emotional guide self- weekend

Learn the sacred language of your guide self that only expresses love. Your thoughts are the expression of your Divine self, the side of you that knows and understands.

Find my guide meditation using rhythmic breathe of love .

Learn to enhance positive feelings and sensations in moments of anxiety emotional transitions.

Understand that fear and anxiety are not real. 

Create your own invocation and follow your emotional guide self.

Module 4- Spiritual guide self

Learn to be your guide self meditation.

Create a language to communicate with your inner guides.

In this module you will learn to deepen your meditation practice, create your self-mantras, practice walking meditation, sound meditation and experience sound healing .

Forgiveness and Gratitude journal