My Solstice Insights- Celebration of energy

by Guiomar Campbell

Today, December 21, 2020, the sun pauses in the sky before reversing direction, celebrating the death and rebirth of a new sun, the solstice. Jupiter and Saturn cuddle with each other as closer as they can be, in the spectacular “Great Conjunction”. The result of this union will be seeing in the sky as a massive shining star. After sunset make your wish even if our cloudy sky hides this beautiful union from us. We will be experiencing a longest night of deep insights, the deep shade of the earth will create a foundation for a profound relaxation and joy.

Reflect on your life path and all the beautiful qualities you have expressed so far. Soak the energy around the earth that is intensified by the movement of all the planets. Take this opportunity to access all you have, to reflect on all your intelligent ideas and desires that you will be manifesting in the coming year. The vibration and frequency of the earth tilting away from the sun is allowing us to adjust our energetic body to intensify our purpose, to bring vitality to our body, eternal bliss to our heart and a peaceful mind. 

I am taking this time today to invoke a positive shift for myself in the areas I struggled, focusing on all the resources I have built so far, to continue thriving and making a difference in my environment and community. I am feeling my guide self in readiness.

I am breathing this pure energy and love that surrounds myself today to build a stronger “ME”, with devotion and no limitations, with reverence for all life. I am celebrating the beginning of a new shift.

What I am invoking for myself I also invoke for all of you through my I Am Presence, my Divine mind my divine thoughts as one heart, one breath, one consciousness, one vibration, and one love.

There are many ways to celebrate this special day today, whether you choose to light a candle, make an evergreen Yule wreath, set up a meditation space, create a cozy space for you to rest, give back to nature or have a nice cup of tea. I chose to go for a walk and receive grace!

I am feeling the love and joy of all celebrations that are going around the world right now! 

2021 with all its glory is on its way to us. 

I am my guide self wishing you friends, family a Happy Solstice celebration. For all the people around the world I wish you have a fabulous moment of awareness.

For those of you friends in China, happy winter’s arrival “dong zhi” 

For those in Japan, happy hot bath “Touji”

In England, happy gathering around “Stonehenge”

In Ireland, happy greeting of the sun around the “Newgrange” stone

In Korea, have a nice bowl of red bean porridge for good luck

In Rome, happy “Saturnalia”, the end of the planting season

In Iran, happy “Yalda”, the victory of light over dark,

In Antarctica, happy midwinter with special meal and handmade gifts to share

In Scandinavia, happy “St. Lucia’s day”  festival of lights,

In India, happy “Makar sankranti” the harvest festival

 My Slavic friends, happy Korochun 

My Buddhist friends, happy Sanghamitta Day

It is a powerful time of the year indeed.


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