Three reasons why the practice of spirituality is important to health.

   prayer 1Coming from a Christian family, I learned from a young age that whenever I felt scared of something, I would pray one Our Father and three Hail Marys before going to bed so that my fear would go away. Next day, in the morning, I would wake up and carry on with my day not even remembering what had made me scared the day before. Now, studies are showing that the power of positive thinking combined with faith and prayer are actually influencing one's ability to heal.

Why prayer is important to health?

    1. Researches are indicating that those who are spiritual tend to have a more positive outlook and a better quality of life. They cope better with illness, pain, and life stresses.


    1. People who have regular spiritual practices tend to live longer, they have more social support and inner strength. Asking for God's forgiveness and try to forgive others during illness, draw strength and comfort to oneself.


  1. Spiritual commitment such as prayers, positive thinking, and meditation tends to enhance recovery from illness and surgery. Patients have had higher levels of self-esteem, and had less anxiety and fewer health worries.

In this context, prayer appears to confer emotional comfort, which results in fewer symptoms of anxiety-related disorders. People who often pray may have more of a sense of purpose in life or have more supportive personal relations.

Prayer is the worlds greatest wireless connection. Plug yourself to source on regular basis as you do with your cell phone and keep yourself attuned to vibration love.


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