What the Full Snow Moon represents

I see lots of woodpeckers in our trees they usually stay for winter and don’t migrate. You can hear them pecking to feel if the tree is soft and ready for new nests. They work hard! The process of making new cabbies requires patience and determination which are the qualities we need to invoke to ourselves in the full snow moon.

The snow moon reminds you that the new season is coming. I identify with the quality of snow moon. I feel more creative at this time of the year specially leading to Full moon.

I was reading an article by Avia Venefica about The Symbolic Animals Associated With the Snow Moon, and she mentioned woodpeckers as well as bears and beavers. The symbolic meaning of Woodpeckers is returning to our roots and to the womb of creativity. They return to the home tree to protect what is sacred to them. I vibrate with the concept of going back to my womb and regain strength, and determination to new opportunities ahead.

Everything we think, feel and say becomes an Electromagnetic wave of energy that is shared with others. Loving our mind reassures that our thoughts are Divine, loving our feelings and emotions connect us to the source. Take this time to work on positive affirmations and been present.

We need to re double our actions in order to bring peace and happiness in our lives and to the lives of others.

Stay connected to your guts feeling and open yourself to all new opportunities that are coming your way. Stay focused, motivated, determined and creative to be your best in this new decade.

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Join us in the Full Snow Moon Celebration on Saturday, Feb 8, 2020, Time- 6-9:00 PM

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