Welcome to I Am My Guide, your sacred space for spiritual growth!

I am so happy you are here! I am feeling inspired every day to be the light of the world and to connect with other light workers like you. Our guide-selves are powerful beyond limit and will continue to reveal itself to us every time we are present and peaceful.

I am inviting you to explore this sacred knowledge to navigate peacefully in moments of challenges. In our daily life we are exposed to doubt, fear, anxiety and stress, it can be confusing and yet necessary in order for us to re-calibrate our body and mind.
The truth is you no longer have to struggle to understand and embrace it, Intuitively you can allow your guide-self to make all the decisions for you, to be you.
I Am My Guide is your gateway to communicate your needs and manifest your intentions effortlessly, knowing that your mind, actions, concept and feelings are the expression of the creator, therefore the expression of your Divine love. It is all about LOVE.
I am looking forward to sharing some of these techniques with you. Please share my posts with your friends and participate in my workshops, classes and events so you can learn more and meet mindful people just like you.
As a starting point, please do this: Pause your mind, breath out and breathe your guide!!

Guiomar Campbell                                                                                                                                                  Founder of I Am My Guide