I am my guide- rhythm and movement class

I am my guide- rhythm and movement- Biosync

Biosync-rhythm and Do-In, are techniques based on the concept of biological rhythm combined with, movement, drumming and Do-in or self massage. Participants will learn to coordinate right and left hemisphere of the brain to reach deep state of relaxation and healing, through a series of exercises, instrument playing and creative dance.

The main focus of biosync-rhythm is to bring balance to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the body.

I use the concept of meridian stretches, yoga, rhythm and movement therapy to provide the student with a variety of fun and uplifting activities to nourish the spirit and create deep connections with higher self.

With the practice of biosync-rhythm the student will:

-Reach deep state of relaxation and well-being

-Reach meditative states even been awake

- Work on self-steam through positive affirmations and mantras

-Learn to observe the internal rhythm of the body.

-Learn techniques of self-massage to improve overall health

Balance your body, mind, heart ans of meridian stretching, yoga, Brazilian drumming, biodance and self massage.

Guiomar will take you on a fun, relaxing and uplifting journey of instrument playing, yoga, mantras, affirmations, self-massage and creative dance. You will learn techniques and tools for self-observation of your internal rhythm as well as for the overall improvement of your health. This workshop is designed to bring balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your body.

Have your water, yoga mat, paper and pen, and a positive attitude ready.

For more information on next online classes send a message to: guiomar@iammyguide.ca